Thisquietarmy WEB

Eric Quach, alias Thisquietarmy, will offer his sonic signature based on so-called "drone" textured guitar pads in collaboration with a silent army, made up of musicians from the CEM. The complicity of these will not only give a human side to his electronic experiments, but also enhance its intensity and complexity to create new material, which will stand out from his solo work. Additionally, a unique visual concept will be developed alongside the music to complete the immersive, mesmerizing and cinematic universe of Thisquietarmy.


The solo project of Eric Quach (Montreal, Canada) in constant evolution around the drone improvised on the electric guitar since 2005, with more than fifty publications (Consouling Sounds, Midira, Aurora Borealis, Denovali, Shelter Press, P572, Alien8, etc.) and more than 600 concerts played around the world including at Amplifest, Dunk! Festival, Le Guess Who?, Biennale Némo, Suoni Per Il Popolo, FIMAV, Mutek & Red Bull Music Academy. Its main contributors are members of Voivod, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Nadja, Amenra, Locrian, lovesliescrushing, Noveller & Year of No Light.